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    Post  Admin on Tue Feb 10, 2009 3:44 pm

    I emailed Scottoiler to see if they had a model for the CBF125 and full credit to them, they got back to me within a few hours with the following answer (if you want the attachments, please contact me and I'll email them to you):

    We haven't yet had the chance to borrow the new CBF for an installation
    but we have had a good look at them at various shows we've attended.
    There are no vacuum pipes, spigots or screws to use as a vacuum source,
    so, you drill the rubber inlet manifold to accept the Universal spigot
    supplied in the kit.

    The kit has three different part that allow several different methods of
    mounting the reservoir but choose somewhere you find it easy to fill,
    prime and adjust.

    I've attached a PDF showing how to install the universal spigot along
    with a few other photos (not of CBFs but you'll get the idea) which I
    hope will help you with your installation. We will soon have a fitting
    guide for the CBF on our website soon but if there is anything you're
    unsure of, please don't hesitate to contact me again in future.

    Regards, Mark.

    Mark Celino
    Technical Support

    Scottoiler (Scotland) Ltd
    2 Riverside
    G62 6PL
    Tel. 0141 955 1100
    Fax. 0141 956 5896

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